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Skatepark Project development

The main objective of transmission skateparks is using skatepark project development, to create skateparks to fit the needs and dreams of the skater and also all the technical demands. Using the expertise of the skaters plays an very important role in the development of a successful skatepark or skateplaza.

Transmission Skateparks consists for 100% out of skaters. Our goal is to always visualize the best possible skatepark, by working together with the local skaters. Transmission is a completely neutral company that specializes in skatepark-devolpment. We create a completely neutral plan and visualization that can be send to a actual skatepark-production company of the clients own choice. With our plan the we create a very detailed picture of the needs and dements of the local skaters. This plan features a map with all measurements of the park, a 3-Dimensional visualization of the park and specifications of all the separate skate-obstacels. We will give an presentation of the final plan, where we will show 3d visuals and 3d Animations of the park and we will explain all the technical information to go along with this. Our client will receive a final book with all the information and visuals in the end.

Skatepark Events

By organizing Skate-events we are showing the public how the skating has become one influential youth sports of today and the skate-culture has become a way of life for this generation. On our Skate-events we want to introduce everybody to the skate-sport in the most creative way of action and entertainment.

Transmission skateparks promotes the skate sport by organizing Skate events for many different organizations. For these events we have our own mobile Mini-ramp and Street-course which an organization can rent. Besides the rental of the skate-coures we can organize a complete event, including skate-demonstrations, skate-training, skate-contests complete with prices, music and a sound system, and even a tent for outdoor events on rainy days.