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-Downtown Weert
-Extremefunevent Zwolle
-Gemeentehuis Zevenaar
-Kidssquare Arnhem
-Quiksilver Movement
-Shoptour Apeldoorn
-Fokveedag Hoornaar


Transmission skateparks promotes the skate sport by organizing Skate events for many different organizations. For these events we have our own mobile Mini-ramp and Street-course which an organization can rent. Besides the only the rental of the skate-coures we can organize a complete event, including skate-demonstrations, skate-training, skate-contests complete with prices, music and a sound system, and even a tent for outdoor events on rainy days.

Overview of our mobile skatepark

Mobiel park and Miniramp



Our Miniramp is available from 2.5 to 7.5 meters wide, depending on the available budget.
Useful for skate-demo's and available at any location.


We also have micro-ramps for events with kids.



Our mobile streetcourse has many different options and can formed by the wishes of the skaters.


To see some of our past events, click on one of the links in the red frame.

If you are interested in our mobile skatepark please send us a e-mail.

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